Power Paks and Why They're Important

Power Paks and Why They're Important - Trace Minerals


Dr. Starkey: Hi, this is Dr. Starkey. Welcome back to Trace Your Day.

This week I’m going to be addressing another popular question this time of the year when it’s cold and that is should I be taking my electrolytes throughout the winter?

I think it’s a great question. I think it’s something that we don’t think enough about until we get into a crisis. But during the summertime we see a huge bump in our electrolyte sales – especially our Power Paks.

And this is a fun product. I love the Power Paks. I love the Power Paks because they taste good. It’s interesting that during the summertime, I love our nurturers. I love our moms that like to supplement for their children and their families because they become creative.

You know, I find it interesting, I hear them mixing the Power Paks of all the different flavors. Not mixing them but mixing them up with water and then pouring them into ice cube trays, which makes it fun for their family. When they get an ice cube out, they can put that in their water or they can eat it, suck on it, but at the same time, they’re getting benefit from it. And because it’s cold, of course, it’s refreshing during the summertime.

But when it comes to the wintertime, that’s when it becomes a challenge. We never stop breathing and we never stop perspiring, and we never stop urinating or defecating. So, in other words, it’s so important that we’re constantly putting these electrolytes back in the wintertime.

It’s kind of interesting to me that when we get cold, the last thing we do is reach for a cold beverage. Usually, we reach for something warm. And that’s my point of interest today is that we can put these Power Paks into a hot water. I wouldn’t boil it, but I would definitely put it into something warm or hot, ready to consume, and that becomes something that can boost our immune system with a warm cup of a lemon-lime or orange or pineapple coconut beverage. These are fun products that we can work with.

Especially mothers with young children, I love the powders because we can split them up. We can divide them. We can divide them into a quarter, half a pack, I never question the mother’s intuition when it comes to her children.

For that fact, when we’re taking care of our aging parents or grandparents, these are products that we can use, and we can have fun with. I know some of these individuals that like to take them after a pre workout or post workout or during a workout. They can put them in their protein shakes and turn their protein shakes from a vanilla into an orange vanilla by adding an orange power pak to it.

So there’s a lot of creative ways that we can work with these Power Paks throughout the year. Especially during the cold season, we can put those electrolytes back in us.

Oftentimes, I love pointing out the fact that dehydration mimics the flu-like symptoms. So even though we start feeling a sensation of feeling crampy or a dry mouth or blurry vision or dry eyes, that’s an indicator of dehydration. But when it comes to headaches or lack of energy or dry skin, when our skin doesn’t rebound back, the elasticity of our skin starts to falter, these are all indicators of dehydration.

So I think oftentimes we have to stop and evaluate our own health. Look in the mirror and ask some questions. But I think the most important question, especially during the wintertime, is “Am I drinking enough?” and “Am I hydrating enough?” And I think the answer to that is quite clear, especially when you look at how many office visits, and especially emergency room visits, those that have flu-like symptoms that come out having been treated for dehydration.

By no means am I saying not to pay special attention or if necessary if the symptoms are severe enough, by all means, go, run, see that special care physician. But at the same time, let’s make sure we’re doing our part. Reach for those electrolytes. Make sure that you’re reaching for that hydration daily.

You know, we get the question a lot: is there a specific flavor? The delivery system of these Power Paks are great. We have 14 different flavors to choose from. We now also have some sugar-free Power Paks for those that are counting calories or are concerned about the sugar in your diet. We have an orange-mango flavor and also a citrus flavor that are sugar-free. We also have an immunity Power Pak now. So we’re getting creative in the way we utilize this delivery system.

And I think that the most important aspect of this delivery system is that again, it’s easy to be consistent with it because it tastes good. And I know that sometimes, especially for our purists, it’s not about the taste. But when we’re working with young children or adolescents or of course, aging parents, sometimes they’re making their health-promoting decisions with their taste buds.

So it helps to be able to meet their needs with something that tastes good. I find it interesting also that when it comes to our Power Paks, it seems as though the women seem to turn towards the berry flavors – the raspberry, the cranberry, the acai berry, whereas the men, they seem to gravitate toward the citrus – the orange and the lemon-lime.

One of my favorites, of course, is watermelon. Now I’m a watermelon fan. I like the taste of watermelon, and they did a great job in the formulation of their watermelon Power Pak. If you haven’t tried it, if you’re a watermelon fan, it brings a little bit of summer back to the winter. I like the watermelon Power Pak.

So whatever it might be, remember this though. When you’re comparing it to the name brands out there, we have 1 g of sugar per packet. We have 200 mg more of Vitamin C, along with the full spectrum of the trace minerals. I love the fact that there is no caffeine, no artificial flavors, no artificial stimulants, so it’s a healthy energy supplement without all the stimulants.

Now I will say this, for those that have purchased from us, one of the questions that always comes up is, if I’m purchasing my packets and it seems to be that I buy one box of let’s say for instance, the orange Power Paks, but the following box seems a little lighter or a little darker. Remember we do not put any artificial colorings in these. We try to do it completely, and we are doing it completely natural. So you’re going to see variations of colors with your Power Paks, so don’t be alarmed. Don’t think that the formulation has changed. It’s just the fact that because we use natural colorings, they won’t be exactly the same from batch to batch or from box to box even.

So, as you keep those things in mind, remember this: the whole purpose of these products is to help us play harder, endure longer, feel replenished, feel energized, and we hope that as you take advantage of this delivery system, that you can keep yourself well hydrated throughout the entire year, and especially throughout these winter months.

Best of health. We’ll see you next week.

Thanks for listening in. If you have any topics you want covered, let us know on our Instagram page @tracemineralsreasearch. We’ll see you back here next week on Trace Your Day.

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