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Whether it is for yourself or a close friend we believe that coupling products together is the way to optimal health!

Active Moms

This bundle has products like essential mineral drops, premium supplements for joint health, and energy enhancement, all designed to cater to her specific needs and busy schedule. Embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle with the this bundle!

Retail: $76.47

Discounted: $61.17

High Performing Athletic

This bundle includes products like organic electrolyte replenishment and muscle recovery supplements all made from natural and organic ingredients to provide the highest level of health optimization and support.

Retail: $82.57

Discounted: $66.05

50+ and Fit

In this bundle are products like essential mineral supplements, joint and bone health support, immunity boosters, and energy enhancers. Embrace every day with the confidence that you're giving your body the care it deserves. So you can continue to thrive at any age!

Retail: $114.77

Discounted: $91.81

Organic and Healthy

Products in this bundle may include organic electrolyte tablets, mineral-rich outdoor essentials, immunity-boosting supplements, and more. Prioritize your well-being with this bundle! Nothing complements the beauty of nature like products that are good for both you and the environment.


Discounted: $62.61

Be There Physically and Mentally for Your Little Ones

Ashwagandha Gummies

  • Effectively used to offer natural stress releif
  • Supports energy levels and mental focus

Magnesium Powder

  • Helps you stay calm and relaxed
  • Aids muscle relaxation and better sleep

Gut Health

  • Fortify the digestive track
  • The gut products 50% of the dopamine in your body. It is important to take care of.
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Elevate Your Training With Trace

40,000 Volts

  • High Potency Hydration Formula
  • Helps reduce acute muscle cramps

Hydration I.V.

  • 20 X the hydration of water and supports fast recovery
  • Electrolytes replenished with 1/3 the sugar and carbs

Electrolyte Stamina Gummies

  • Helps boost energy, endurance, and muscle stamina
  • 263mg of electrolytes per serving
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Live Life to the Fullest

ActivJoint Tablets

  • Help maintain an active lifestyle by supporting joint, bone and ligament mobility
  • Made with high-quality nutrients that are activated with 72+ Ionic Trace Minerals

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Liquid

  • Helps maintain mobility in knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, ankles and hips
  • Fast absorbing format for quicker results

No! Muscle Cramps

  • Contains key electrolytes and magnesium to prevent muscle cramps
  • No sugar, caffeine or stimulants making it a perfect keto-friendly supplement
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Take the Organic Route to Optimal Health

Power Pak

  • Low in sugar and great tasting flavor
  • Include Vitamin C, Zinc, and essential vitamins and minerals

Magnesium Gummies

  • Promotes calm, focus, and muscle relaxation
  • Encourages consistent energy with positive mood and quality sleep


  • Powerful energy, metabolic, and mood support and restores electrolytes and relieves muscle cramps
  • supports healthy joints, bones and teeth while alleviating food cravings
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Chad Mendes Wellness Box

ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops

  • Helps Restore Electrolytes
  • Potent Energy, Metabolic and Mood Support
  • Supports Healthy Joint, Bones and Teeth

TMAncestral Beef Liver

  • Nutritionally dense Superfood
  • Supports Healthy Bones, joints, Heart, Skin, Hair, Energy and Immunity
  • Hormone, Pesticide, and GMO-FREE
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