Interview with TMR Ambassador Jennifer Martinez

Interview with TMR Ambassador Jennifer Martinez - Trace Minerals

Dr. Starkey: Hi this is Dr. Starkey. Welcome back to Trace Your Day. I have a very special guest with me. In fact, I think its only appropriate that I invite a dear friend of mine on this podcast.

I actually worked with her mother when she took over a health food store of her own in Texas. And now here we are 30 years later, and I have a relationship with her daughter who of course has kept the passion. I’m going to introduce you right now to Jennifer Martinez from Texas. Jennifer, welcome.

Jennifer: Hey! Oh my goodness! What an honor to be on your podcast because a couple of years ago you came on my podcast for the first time and then was on it several times and I was star struck. You absolutely have been in my life, trace minerals and you worked with my mother for over 30years. That is insane and a true testimony to not only the products that you represent and how effective and awesome they are and the quality and all of the good things that bring life and vitality. But also to the relationships and that’s what’s so important and missing from so many companies these days.

So the relationship that I’ve been able to have with you through trace minerals, the trace minerals being foundational as you always talk about. Minerals are foundational to everything, right? And the fact that I get to be on your podcast and talking to you is like, I’m like "nerding" out. Thank you so much for having me on. And I’m excited to talk about what we’re going to talk about today when it comes to helping those in your family, right?

Dr. Starkey: Sure. Absolutely. I think we’ve had this conversation, as our parents get a little older and of course now we’re starting to educate them on a regular basis as to what they should be taking care of instead of their grandchildren, right?

Jennifer: Right.

Dr. Starkey: It was kind of interesting I was thinking about you yesterday and of course your business and the good that you’re doing and then of course I received a text this morning of a special loved one in your life, an experience with the trace minerals, and I thought, “You know what I just have to give her a call.” And of course in doing so one thing led to another and here we are talking about it, right?

Jennifer: Right. I reached out to you several, several months ago saying, “Hey listen, my father-in-law had a kidney transplant,” and I think a lot of people can relate to this a little bit. I grew up in the health industry and we always did things a little bit more alternative and I’m very grateful and I raised my family that way.

But my husband didn’t come from that, right? We’ll be married 25 years this summer so I have totally rocked his world and his family because of the alternative lifestyle that we live in a sense that nurturing and when there’s a health issue we don’t just run to the doctor, we use doctors but we try and fix what the root cause of it is instead of putting a Band-Aid on it with drugs and things like that.

Since it’s been a process of changing that mindset, my mother and father-in-law, when you’re close to someone they don’t always listen and that’s the part that people relate to, why aren’t they listening to me? And she reached out to me and said we’re having to take these synthetic (which I think is interesting) synthetic minerals for the kidney functions to work. We all know that for kidneys potassium, magnesium, these minerals are super important to the function of most of our organs. But with a kidney transplant, you have to take all this anti-rejection stuff and everything. She reached out and she, I think that I have spoken to you about this so forgive me if I mess this up a little bit you can help me. They were paying $300 a month for synthetic potassium.  Is that correct, was that what it was?

Dr. Starkey: It was.

Jennifer: And I was like, “We have access to that for pennies on the dollar and you’re in the business that I’m in.” That’s one of the main components in our electrolyte compound that we use with the industrial athletes. I started my company and I use Trace Minerals to make our products, because I use it in my household and with my athletes for 30 years, right?

Dr. Starkey: Right, right.

Jennifer: So, it was in my home. Anyway. Let me get back to my story. I was like, “Why don’t we switch some of that out with the natural ionic the good stuff we have from Trace Minerals the company?” And she was a little hesitant because that’s not really her world, right? And it’s been years helping them understand there’s other things you can do to help your body.  Anyways, you helped me with that and said these are things you can do to balance that out and she started using it and the text we got last night was just insane. Do you want me to read it?

Dr. Starkey: Go ahead. Go ahead and read it.

Jennifer: You’re going to have to give me a second to pull it up.

Dr. Starkey: No, you’re fine. What we giggled and laughed at before we started this podcast is that it’s taken 25 years to breakthrough that wall even though you’ve loved their son and supported their grandchildren, but often times it takes a crisis in their own world to start paying attention to what you’ve been sharing with them for the past 25 years, right?

Jennifer: Right. So, this is the text: “Dad got his blood work (this is my mother-in-law talking about my father-in-law and she sent this to my husband and I in a group text, so that’s why it says Dad) Dad got is blood work results back after almost a month of very few phosphorus and magnesium tablets (those are the synthetic ones that they were trying to get him off of) but drops of your minerals, his blood was perfect. In fact, the doctors were amazed at his creatine was 1.1 which is perfect. I think the minerals are really helping him. I don’t intend to give him any more of their pills at all. They told me I could stop the magnesium.” And then she goes, “Hehe. What they don’t know is that I stopped it 3 weeks ago, so thankful to the Lord and your products for a good report. He’s doing great. Now if I could just get his appetite under control, that boy eats way too much.”

Dr. Starkey: Now, that by no means are we saying that we should stop our medication use without our doctor or consulting our doctors

Jennifer: We’re not advocating that.

Dr. Starkey: No, not at all. But to be able to put that foundation back into place and be able to supplement our regimens or just our lives with this particular product. It’s amazing to think your mother-in-law identified what it was that helped her husband and more importantly gave you that little piece of hope that there’s a bright tomorrow because now you have their attention.

Jennifer: Yeah. It’s a testimony to how it’s so important to not ever give up on people and relationships and just say look these are some things that are so basic, that God made our bodies in a way to where if we just fuel it with minerals and nourishment and hydration, all those things, that the body can recover and heal.

I always tell my kids that God made our bodies so amazing that it’s almost a curse. Now let me explain that. Because we abuse it for so long with all the junk, the microwave stuff and all the candies and the sugars and all the things we do to our bodies, the alcohol, all the things we consistently put into our bodies at a convenience and lifestyle choices, and things like that and we are able to function and heal and recover when we take those things away and nurture and put the good stuff back in and the natural stuff as well. Quality, right?

Everyone knows, I always tell other people, “We know what todo we just don’t always do it, right?” We know an apple’s better for us than a snickers bar health-wise, but which one do we usually go for? We go for the snickers bar because it tastes better, it’s fun. If we can just step back, go for pennies on the dollar, you always say that, and it’s so true, we can fuel our bodies to regenerate and recover and it’s so simple that we forget about it.

So, I’m so grateful that you have this platform, if it just helps one person, hey maybe I need more good potassium in my body so that my kidneys function better or I have headaches, maybe I shouldn’t take [inaudible]anymore for these headaches. Maybe there’s a reason for these headaches. Maybe I’m dehydrated and I just need to find out what to do to stay hydrated because water isn’t the carrier of the essential minerals and electrolytes our body needs to function, right?

Dr. Starkey: Right.

Jennifer: People don’t understand those things. So, they can listen to this and go “well I drink a gallon of water a day and Is till have headaches and don’t feel good, and I spend all my time in the bathroom.” Well, if you were to just add literally some minerals and electrolytes to that water, that water is going to give you energy, with those added little minerals and electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, and all those.

Dr. Starkey: The full spectrum, right?

Jennifer: Right. Looking what it did for my father-in-law, and this is coming from the skeptics of the skeptics. Trust me, they though I was a whack-a-doodle job when I married their son because I was like I’m not having my kids in a hospital either, I’m going to have them at home. Because that’s just what I wanted to do. It’s just who I am, I don’t tell people that’s what they need to do but that’s what I felt comfortable with, and thank God my husband listens to me and doesn’t go “this crazy lady, who did I marry?”

Thank you for giving me just a little bit of time to share how awesome trace minerals have been for my family in so many ways and just recently again with my father-in-law. That’s my husband’s dad. He's an amazing guy and we love him and now he’s going to be healthier and feel good and be able to function and be in the grandkids lives even more because he’s an incredible guy.

Dr. Starkey: I think that from your platform and what I love Jennifer is that you’re a mom, you’re a wife, you’re a caring individual that loves friends and family. Of course, you’d mentioned earlier that your family is your life. I just wanted you to be able to share that excitement and that passion. So thank you for being with me today, and more importantly reminding us to make sure that we’re taking our trace minerals on a daily basis. Our bodies depend on it.

Jennifer: Absolutely. It’s foundational for everything. Don’t worry I’ll be back on your podcast. I have a feeling that I’m going to be a regular.

Dr. Starkey: Sounds great to me. Jennifer thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule but I couldn’t help but get you on here today because of that wonderful text that you received and ultimately that’s why we do what we do, is to help people feel better so they can pass it forward, right?

I guarantee that your father-in-law is going to be talking about you and your knowledge and what’s taken place in his life. Hopefully he shares that with his friends and the ball starts to roll.

Jennifer: Amen. Yes.

Dr. Starkey: Thank you again and I agree with you, you’re going to be back. Thank you.

Jennifer: You bet. It was an honor.

Dr. Starkey: Thanks for listening in. If you have any topics you want covered let us know on our Instagram page @tracemineralsresearch. We’ll see you back here next week on Trace Your Day.

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