Interview with Owner of Everything Natural

Interview with Owner of Everything Natural - Trace Minerals

Dr. Starkey: Hi, this is Dr. Starkey. Welcome back to Trace Your Day.

Hey, today I’m so excited. I’ve got a brother from another mother in the industry. For as long as I’ve been with Trace Minerals, this man has been a huge part of my experience in the nutrition industry.

And I want to introduce you today a store owner from New Jersey. And I’m going to let him give you the details, but I want to introduce you to a wonderful friend of mine, like I said a brother in the industry. I’m going to let George introduce himself.

George: Hey, thank you Doctor. It’s great to be on your show Dr. Starkey. And I look forward to sharing some great information and my own experience with holistic living and the Trace Minerals Research line of products over the last close to 30 years now.

I’ve been owner and operator of Everything Natural here in Monroe, New Jersey since 1995 and I got my first exposure to the Trace Minerals line back working for my old boss in the early 90s while I was still going to college. I remember getting the samples of the Trace Minerals Drops, ConcenTrace, and some of the other earlier products that Trace Minerals Research was putting out and I remember when those minerals first entered my body, it changed me.

I often tell people that a lightbulb went off. You could feel the balance, the concentration, the focus, the sense of wellbeing these minerals can deliver. And being that we live in such a high-paced world today and we have such modern agricultural techniques that turn the soil over so quick, that body of water that these minerals are derived from in the Great Salt Lake offers us that mimicking electricity that we want to get from our organic vegetables when they come out of the soil.

So that’s been something that I was able to feel right away and wanted all our customers to experience that. And having knowledge and the physiology background that I do and knowing that our bodies only produce two forms of energy at the cell level – you have your chemical energy which is the conversion of oxygen and glucose into energy to make the molecule of ATP that we feel energy from our food and air. And then the minerals that conduct electricity through our bodies. And having that flow of electricity is the electrical energy.

So what we try to do with our customers is have them have a presence of both chemical energy support through the mitochondria energy pathways and then the electrical energy pathways, which is the ionized minerals, the ionic minerals that we see in ConcenTrace and all the wonderful products that Trace Minerals Research offers.

So when you have that foundation, I feel that’s where we can realize that healthy pH in the cell level and make sure we’re not misplacing calcium, making sure that we have consistent energy patterns and control of our stress hormones. So that’s sort of our method of operation to start any individual’s protocol.

So when we’re working with customers in our store or with my consulting business, the first thing that we want to really look into is what’s the nutritional foundation like? So we have to have that chemical energy and electrical energy support to get them to a higher place to help. So that’s sort of been our method on trying to galvanize people to higher health levels.  

Dr. Starkey Absolutely. And one of the things I’ve always loved about you George is that you don’t just preach it, you live it. You’re a walking specimen. I’ve always teased with George that what he does on a weekly basis, most people don’t do in a week. With their exercise or laying out your nutritional protocol throughout the week. So, for those that have the privilege of working with you and by your side as a customer or a client or a good friend, I’m always amazed at the walking plethora of information that you are.

George: Oh, thank you Doctor. Thank you. I’m very passionate about healthy living and making sure to be a good example for folks. And I want people to be able to experience what I’ve been able to experience through the research that we’ve done and the way we can construct people’s meal plans and eating habits. I want it to fit their lifestyle and most importantly, any program we put forth has to be repeatable for our people. We want to make sure it’s not overwhelming them because they have enough stresses in their life as it is. I want to make sure it’s something that they can easily implement. And depending on which stage of life they’re at and what they may be going through, we can really improve their current state of affairs and improve their overall wellness.

Dr. Starkey: And you know, that’s the thing. I can say this because I’ve went through some pretty incredible experiences, both you having some personal challenges along with the ones that are hardest to reach sometimes which is our own family members and loved ones, right?

George: Oh absolutely.

Dr. Starkey: So, to see the results that you’ve been getting day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, and of course, the many years that you’ve been involved, I’ve always been impressed with the foundational approach and the knowledge that you’ve had with the minerals that’s always been a part of you.

So, to me that is the reason why we’re in this is to see results. And I think you hit it right on the butt when you said it has to be repeatable. We have to be able to continue – not overwhelm – but at the same time be able to put these programs together which you’ve done for years. I always appreciate your passion, but I have to ask the question. One of the key pieces of this puzzle is what does George do? With all the nutrients available to you, George, where does your trace minerals lie in that regimen?

George: Oh, well everyday without a doubt I start my day off with my ConcenTrace drops. I love my green drinks, so I like to use the Greens Pak in the morning which will feature a nice array of the nice cereal grasses. The wheat grass, the barley grass, spirulina, the chlorella algae. And I always like to add my mineral drops to that beverage to kick off the day. It’s a great way to wake up the mind and it’s a great way to access these ionized minerals right at the beginning of the day. So I always like to have my day begin and end with them.

So I’ll use about 10-15 drops, I use a lot of the Trace Minerals line these days, so I’ll usually use about 10-15 drops in the Greens Pak in the morning, I like to take the Complete Foods Multivitamin and the magnesium tablet. I’ll usually use a regimen of 2 Complete Food Multis twice a day, breakfast and dinner, and 1 magnesium tablet twice a day, breakfast and dinner. And I do add my Trace Mineral Drops to an evening glass of water.

Usually in the evening, when the day’s winding down, about an hour before going to bed, with a little gut and probiotic regimen I enjoy doing at the end of the day. As an athlete, I love using my electrolyte stamina tablet and Endure for my workout. Endure goes in my workout water and that’s usually about 2 drops for every ounce of water in my bottle. And following every workout, I’m good for 2-3 Electrolyte Stamina tablets to replenish those electrolytes. A quality workout needs to have to put your body back in a fast recovery to take on tomorrow’s challenges. That’s pretty much my usual daily routine.

Dr. Starkey: Well, what I’d like you to do also, we aren’t getting any younger. I want the listeners to hear what your day, just take us through one day of George. And remember, we’re in our early 50s, but to me, one of the things I constantly preach is you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from these products. You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from the electrolytes or the minerals. But take us through one of your average days. And don’t be shy here. I want them to hear.

George: Well, you want to focus on a lot of good nutrition.

Dr. Starkey: Right, Right.

George: So with my eating habits and my goals, I always want to consume live foods throughout the day. To keep it easy for our listeners, having organic raw fruit present throughout the day is very important and I think a lot of people have a lot of fears of fruit and they don’t realize how important that is.

The glucose in fruit is what your liver is looking for to drive toxins and pathogens into your digestive tract for removal. So I’ll typically start my day off with one of my Greens Paks and my Trace Mineral Drops and segway into an apple and I’ll have two or three bananas. I’ll have my plant-based organic protein drink following that, which I can take my initial vitamin and mineral routine with. And I try to have a goal in my head to have two or three piece of fruit prior to each structural meal during the day.

Dr. Starkey: Okay.

George: That’ll support liver health. That will support what we call good food combining. So the fruits maximize as far as how well your body can absorb it and getting the nutrients into your nervous system. I’m usually vegan until about 5pm. I’ll generally have a vegetarian lunch, consisting of quinoa and vegetables. Usually I’ll have about 4 or 5 Medjool dates prior to that. That’s usually my lunchtime meal.

Midafternoon comes. I’m real big on greens. I’ll have another one of my Greens Paks in the middle of the afternoon. That’s something that is a good bridge until dinner usually for me. At that time, more fruit is usually welcomed at that point. Usually some wild blueberries or raspberries. And there might be a workout in the late afternoon or early evening.

Dr. Starkey: Now don’t be shy there. What’s your typical workout, my friend?

George: At 50, I’m soon to be 53, Darrin. I believe me and you are exactly the same age.

Dr. Starkey: Right, right.

George: I’ve moved into a balanced program where I believe that if we can have a 50/50 mix of strength training and aerobic training during the week – doesn’t have to be very long – you can get a lot of good results. My workouts are typically 45 minutes to an hour in length. But you can get great results with workouts even much shorter than that.

Dr. Starkey: Right.

George: So I think if you have the opportunity to do some aerobic training 2-3 days a week in your aerobic zone. Which when people talk to me, we can figure out their workout heartrates that is most ideal to get that aerobic impact, that aerobic benefit. It’s sort of age-related, age-dependent, and also if they’re on specific medicine or not. I always like to find that out.

But personally, we want to maximize strength in all our muscle groups. So I enjoy CrossFit training and doing workouts that will stretch all the muscle groups in the body. I usually do a full body and core workout twice a week and usually about 2-3 aerobic training sessions a week that are usually about 45 minutes long.

Dr. Starkey: How long do you spend on your bike still?

George: On the bike workouts, those are typically about an hour.

Dr. Starkey: Okay.

George: Which have been toned down a little bit from the past just due to business and other obligations now in life. But I had fun in the past doing 100-mile bike rides and 4- or 5-hour bike sessions in beautiful areas. But nowadays, it’s all about that balance. When you can keep your workouts under an hour and crisp, your hormone levels stay nice and high.

I feel like when you start getting a little longer than that, you start putting a little too much stress on those adrenal glands and it’s a little bit harder for the body to bounce back from. Workouts for me are kind of like good investments for your money. You have to put your money in a few different places. When you have more energy to spend in your workout, you want to kind of divide it up between a good cardio program and a good weight resistance program, which I’ll do on different days of the week.

Dr. Starkey: Right, right.

George: Yeah, that’s I think one of most effective ways to slow down Mother Nature and improve your resistance again. Getting into poor posture, I think we all probably have relatives that are in their elder years, and you see them hunching over and maybe struggling with their gait.

To have really true good health is going to stem from a combination of having this nice blend of aerobic and strength training with flexibility. A lot of people I know are getting into some yoga and elongating the muscle groups, which you want to be able to mimic a younger person’s athleticism. That’s one of my goals. I always like to feel like I can still move like that young 20-year-old athlete.

But I want everyone to realize wherever they are in life, there’s an opportunity for them to improve their current condition, their locomotion, and their movement. And with that type of exercise prescription on top of the knowledge and the wisdom of supporting a good gut, supporting a good liver, supporting a good thyroid and adrenal system, and allowing your body to take inflammation down systemically in the bloodstream, both with your meal plan, your diet, and your correct supplements that can also reduce inflammation, you’re going to be able to stay in a healthy vessel.

And of course, that mind, body, spirit is truly important. In mind, body, spirit, you want to be healthy in each one of those departments.

Dr. Starkey: Absolutely. Well, my friend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. One, for being a great friend and two, for the wisdom that you’re always willing to share. I look forward to the future with you. Thankyou for your passion. Thank you for your knowledge. And more importantly, thankyou for your example.

George: Ah man, thank you, Darrin, so much. And best of luck with the podcast. This was a blast. A lot of fun for me. And thank you for the great friendship over the last 25-26 years now.

Dr. Starkey: My pleasure. Look forward to the next. And I’m sure that we’ll have some questions along the way that we’ll have to get you back on.

George: Absolutely. It’d be my pleasure.

Dr. Starkey: Fantastic. Have a wonderful rest of your day and thank you again for the knowledge that you shared.

George: Thank you Dr. Starkey.

Thanks for listening in. If you have any topics you want covered, let us know on our Instagram page @tracemineralsresearch. We’ll see you back here next week on Trace Your Day.

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