Interview with Trace Minerals Content Creator: Diving into Pregnancy

Dr. Starkey: Hi, this is Dr. Starkey. Welcome back to Trace Your Day. I have a special guest on with me today. I’ve been working, in fact, our schedules have been a little crazy, but I’ve got Janae who is our content creator over our social media platforms.

I get a lot of questions as to who’s designing, who’s taking pictures, who’s behind the scenes. Welcome to Trace Your Day Janae.

Janae: Thank You Darrin. I’m happy to be here.

Dr. Starkey: I’m excited. My wife is a huge fan of yours. It’s kind of fascinating when we come out with a new product. She’s always jumping on the platforms to see what you’ve put together and how your mind see sit. She loves what you do – the colorations, the shapes, and all the different backgrounds that you do. So, thank you for your part in helping Trace look great.

Janae: Aww thank you so much. It’s definitely easier on my job when it’s such a good product that I personally believe in, so that’s really nice.

Dr. Starkey: That’s a great point. In fact, when we work with all of our employees, I get the opportunity to do a lot of the training, but I always ask the same question and that is, “have you had your personal experience? Have you had that aha moment?”

So there’s my question to you to begin with. Have you had that aha moment?

Janae: Yes. I think multiple times now.

Dr. Starkey: Multiple times. That’s even better. Is there anything that you’d like to share? I know that of course you’re a very busy lady in the fact that you’ve got two little ones now under the age of 3, right?

Janae: I have one 5-year-old and one 4-month-old.

Dr. Starkey: Oh my goodness, is she already 5 years old?

Janae: Yes. It’s pretty crazy.

Dr. Starkey: That is crazy. I apologize. Where does time go?

Janae: Oh, I know.

Dr. Starkey: It seems just like yesterday when she was born.

Janae: Mm hmm. The first time I met you was probably 2 months after she was born.

Dr. Starkey: I remember. And I’d love for you to share that experience with our listeners today to begin with. That’s one that brings a lot of memories back. I had no idea that it’s already been 5 years. But I know that when we first spoke, not only were you engaged in helping us to create material, but there was a little video that we were doing, and you had asked a question about your little one. Would you be willing to share that with us?

Janae: Yeah, of course. I actually wanted to start when I was little, I had chronic digestion problems. My whole life. Ever since I could remember it’s just been an issue. My mom took me to so many doctors when I was a kid and none of them really had any help. They had a Band-Aid that would maybe temporarily work for what was going on. But you know, kids don’t want to drink MiraLAX every day and stuff like that. I didn’t want to, and nothing really helped. So, I just kind of lived with it till I was older.

I was like, “Okay, Mom, I want to do something about this because I’m so done living like this.” So a surgeon said, “Let’s do a subtotal colectomy.” Which is a big deal,

Dr. Starkey: Yeah, that’s a big deal.

Janae: Taking out part of my intestine – actually most of it. So my intestine was damaged. It went to about 6 feet. It should be about 5 feet, but it was just damaged and stretched. So they took out 5 feet. And I was like, “Great! My life is going to be better now.” And it didn’t make a single difference. I still had the same problems going on. Nothing helped –even a drastic surgery.

Dr. Starkey: So you went through an extreme surgery, hoping that it would make a huge difference in your life because that’s probably the promises that they made, right?

Janae: Mm hmm.

Dr. Starkey: And then no results.

Janae: No results. So after that I was like, “Okay, if there’s no cure, I’m just going to live with this.” So I got married, I got pregnant. I just had zero energy with the pregnancy. I got really swollen. It was just so uncomfortable. I had my baby and then met you.

And I realized that my baby was having the same issues I was having. She just had chronic digestion problems since the day she was born. It was horrible. And you don’t want any baby to go through that – or any person.

So I met you and I brought it up with you because I didn’t really know about Trace Minerals yet. I had just got hired and I was still learning about the product. And you were like, “You know what, take this. Take Trace Minerals every day. Start with 10 drops and then work your way up from there.” So I did.

Dr. Starkey: I want to know, at this point, did you think I was crazy?

Janae: Yeah. Because I kept asking what does it help? What does it do? What is it? And you were like, “You just need to try it. You just need to start taking it every day and you will see.” And I was so frustrated! But I was like, “Okay, I’m just going to try it every day and see if it makes any sort of difference.”

And it was night and day difference. I mean, I take the higher dose, but that’s just how my body works as opposed to anyone else’s body. But it solved my whole life problem since I’ve had as a kid, and it helped my doctor too. Which is crazy because I didn’t think there was anything out there after seeing all the doctors and having the surgery. I just thought “Okay, this is just what life is, I guess.”

Dr. Starkey: Right, right. So I think that the sad part is that we’re told sometimes that we’re just going to have to live with or adjust to, right?

Janae: Mm hmm.

Dr. Starkey: And yet at the same time, I love when these individuals call up and say, “Are you sure there’s no drugs in this product?

I love that because I get to answer that question very quickly – that there are absolutely no drugs involved here. But then I get to ask the question, “Why do you ask? Why do you ask if there’s a drug?”

That’s what literally has been an amazing experience throughout my career is that individuals just like you, Janae, that were hopeless almost, that were willing to do the extreme to get their lives back or to have something normal and then to feel as though they’ve been… I don’t want to say taken advantage of, but at the same time, I love the fact that you continued to educate yourself.

Janae: Oh yeah. I think that’s just what you have todo nowadays. If the doctor isn’t helping you find an answer, you have to educate yourself and try and find that answer through a different source than like, yourself, for example.

And this podcast. I’ve listened to every podcast so far that you’ve sent me to edit. And it’s just been mind-blowing, the new circumstances and information that you come out with. Your interviews that could help so many people.

Dr. Starkey: Right. Thank you for that. But you know, more importantly, I love the fact that you’re willing to talk about what you’ve experienced because that is a huge, huge moment for you and your personal health, and especially your children.

But when it makes such a huge difference, one thing that I love about you, Janae, is that of course, that’s where your passion not only is seen on the platform that you’re responsible for, but also your willingness to share the information. I think that that’s what this is all about.

Janae: Oh, I love sharing. Anything to help another person make life a little easier and more energetic. You know, we’re all helping each other out.

Dr. Starkey: Absolutely. You know, that wonderful commercial that we were very traumatized by I think at times during the quarantine. You know, we’re all in this together. We truly are. Especially when it comes to our health and especially when it comes to our little ones.

You know, I love the experience that we shared – the differences between your first pregnancy and your second pregnancy. You want to talk about that a little bit?

Janae: Yeah, yeah. So I got pregnant last year around April or May and I’ve been taking Trace Minerals since after my first pregnancy, so about 5 years. So I upped my dose pretty much throughout the pregnancy because I kept getting on calls with you and I would say, “I’m getting some muscle spasms.” And you’re like, “Well, how much Trace are you taking?” And I was like, “Oh, probably not enough.”

Dr. Starkey: Right?

Janae: So I upped my dose as the pregnancy went on and towards the end of the pregnancy, around 38 weeks, I went to see my chiropractor and he was like, “How are you doing with swelling?” And I was like, “I don’t have any. I don’t have any swelling right now.” And he was like, “What? What are you doing?” I was like, “I’m taking minerals. That’s one of the main differences between last pregnancy and this one.”

Dr. Starkey: Right.

Janae: And he was just so impressed with my swelling because that’s a huge issue for a lot of people and was for me.

Dr. Starkey: Sure. Sure. And of course, when he identifies, I love that he asks that question. What are you doing? What are you doing? How are you doing it?

Again, I don’t care what fields you’re in or what modality you specialize in, I think going back to the basics right now, Janae, is so important and so vital to all levels of our health, especially for women in pregnancy.

I think sometimes you’re scared to do, right? For fear that it might harm or hurt the baby. When, in fact, so much of your…

I know you’re going to roll your eyes when I say this, but every time I mention, okay, are you listening to your bowels? Where’s your bowels at?

To me that’s that barometer that your bodies are giving you to increase or decrease. But wasn’t it amazing how much your body was capable of taking at the very end?

Janae: Yes.

Dr. Starkey: And of course, to have that experience so different from your first pregnancy. I think that that in and of itself should give you a lifetime of lesson as to what you can share with, especially the ones that are typically our harshest critics, and that’s your own sisters or sister-in-laws or, of course, personal family.

Janae: Yeah. And it made a huge difference in my labor too. The first labor I had to be admitted. I had a lot of swelling, high blood pressure. And the second labor, my water broke in the morning and so I was like, “Okay, I’ve gotta get ready for this.”

I wasn’t feeling any contractions yet, but I just started fueling with 40,000 Volts. Because going through labor, that’s a muscle being used.

Dr. Starkey: Sure, sure.

Janae: And I wanted to fuel that muscle, just prep it for what it was about to do. So I fueled all day with 40,000 Volts and I didn’t feel any contractions all day and I talked to my midwife and she’s like, “Okay, get a good night’s rest and we’ll reevaluate in the morning if you still haven’t had any contractions.”

So I went to bed and at about 3am, I started feeling contractions and I just thought, “Okay, I’m gonna need some rest, so I’m just going to try to sleep.” So I would wake up, breathe through a contraction, go back to sleep. Wake up, breathe through a contraction, go back to sleep.

And I did that till probably 7:15ish maybe? And then they started getting really strong and so I woke up my husband and I was like, “Hey, we’ve gotta get ready for this. Let’s get ready to go.” So he was running around getting all the things we needed and I was just trying to make it to the stairs to get to the truck.

But contractions started coming faster and faster. And I got halfway up the stairs to the landing and I just felt it. I was like, “Nope, we’re not going to make it, Code. He’s coming right now.”

Dr. Starkey: [Laughing] I didn’t know if you were going to share that part, but I’m glad that you did. I don’t want the listeners to think that “I’ve gotta be worried about not making it.” But I love the fact that you were…

Again, being a male, this is where I go, wait a minute. You just sleep through these contractions and go back to sleep totally nonchalant? And then of course, ultimately, he comes whether you like it or not. What a neat preparation for you and your husband along the way that you were that capable of him helping you support your little one at that moment in time.

Janae: Yeah. And luckily, he has a medical background. He’s going to school to be a doctor. So, it was really convenient having a husband like that there.

Dr. Starkey: [Laughing] That’s right. One not to panic, right?

Janae: Yeah, but honestly, the smooth contractions and labor and the quickness of it, I just contribute that all to the minerals and the fueling of the muscles and stuff because it was drastically different from my first labor when it was hard and, you know, I had to have interventions and stuff. And this one happened so fast that right after he came out, I felt amazing and I was like, “Wow! I think I can do that again. Like, that was such a crazy whirlwind that was actually kinda fun.”

Dr. Starkey: [Laughing] Alright.

Janae: I don’t think I could say that without the minerals.

Dr. Starkey: Yeah, yeah. So we’re going to chalk that one up to one of the best comments on the podcast is that, you know, “I feel amazing, I can do that again. Look at what the minerals did for me.”

All I can say is of course, one, congratulations, and two, I love that you’re willing to share that experience with us. I think that whether it be through twitches, spasms, full blown cramps during the summertime, or of course, digestive disorders, that being constipation.

I think that when 80% of that immune system starts in that gut function, and we’re not talking enough about it right now, right? I just think that that’s the foundational barometer for our well-being and you’ve learned how to dial it in.

And again, being able to share such an amazing difference between your experiences with pregnancy and delivery. I hope that our end listeners, especially those struggling with the digestive disorders or with their health, but I think that another aspect of this too, Janae, that I’d like to bring up is that there’s a lot of infertility out there. There’s a lot of struggle out there.

And again, I think that from a support standpoint, from a foundational standpoint, I think there are ways that we can go about preparing our bodies. I love how you mentioned that you prepared your body for labor and the results, of course, were pretty quick.

Janae: Yeah. And I’ve learned a lot of what I’ve done through you and through research with other midwives online and all that stuff, so yeah. I just figured it’s an event that you go through. You’ve got to self-educate and set yourself up for as much success as you can and then you let things happen the way they’re supposed to happen.

Dr. Starkey: Let nature take its course, right?

Janae: Yeah.

Dr. Starkey: Well, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us today. I hope that again, when it comes to those that are in the middle of or preparing for, wherever you find yourself in life, of course, from a male’s perspective, again, I think that wonderful statement, “A happy wife is a happy life.”

When it comes to easier deliveries or helping as you prepare your bodies, I think men should take note as well as to how they can prepare themselves emotionally, mentally, and physically as well. Because I think that that emotional stress that we all go through from day to day, especially when we’re waiting for that little one to come into the world.

I think there’s a lot of reasons why we need to increase our mineral and our electrolyte intake because it’s such a huge pull and drain on our overall systems that if we’re not careful it could lead us down a rabbit hole very quickly that we just don’t want to be in.  

So, thank you so much again for all that you do for Trace. I love your work. I love your mind. I love how again, the way that you see or present, we’re very blessed to have you on our Trace team. So, at this time, we’ll go ahead and give a huge, I hope, I wished I could give you a huge round of applause for that aha moment that I know will shape and change your life as well as your family’s life in the future.

So, till next week, again, stay healthy.

Thanks for listening in. If you have any topics you want covered, let us know on our Instagram page @tracemineralsresearch. We’ll see you back here next week on Trace Your Day.

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