Interview with Greg The Hydrogen Man: Dealing with Chronic Pain

Interview with Greg The Hydrogen Man: Dealing with Chronic Pain - Trace Minerals

Dr. Starkey: Hi, this is Dr. Starkey. Welcome Back to Trace Your Day. I’ve got a really good friend on the podcast today. In fact, many of you will probably know him as Greg The Hydrogen Man on YouTube. I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to get to know Greg and I really think that there’s a lot here that we could share, not just in this episode but many more to come about the knowledge that Greg has about hydrogen and what it’s done for him.

But what I’d like to do first in introduce you to Greg and let him share just a little bit of his past of where this journey began.  And then moving forward I hope that the information that we offer will lead you to health questions or overcoming challenges that you might find in different nutrients, and this is one way that I think that Greg will bring one of these elements to life for us. Greg, welcome to Trace Your Day.

Greg: Thank you so much and I really appreciate you having me on and it’s a pleasure. Having conversations with you is so much fun. People have to hear what we’re talking about.

Dr. Starkey: Right. You know, what I love about you Greg is that you have a story to tell, you have a book to write. I mean we could put this on motion picture as far as what you’ve been through and where you’re at today.

What I’d love to do today, Greg, is just share with us a little bit about where you started your health journey and you don’t have to take us back to the very beginning but where you were at when you finally decided that you needed to take matters into your own hands.

Greg: My condition got so serious that I couldn’t walk. The inability to walk… it crushed me. I was actually quite athletic when I was younger. And it wasn’t just the ability to walk, I could have gotten through that. I would have been tough mentally, but it was pain that accompanied the inability to walk. I was at a level 10 pain. 10 of 10. It feltlike a knife was being thrusted into me constantly. The nerve pain was so bad and doctors always like to throw pain pills and they gave me the opioids, the morphine.

Funny thing about those drugs is one, they just made me sick. I just felt incredibly sick when I took those drugs, and they didn’t even do anything for the pain.  It’s not like I popped a pill and I could walk. I’d pop the pill and I’d be sick and I actually would shake from the pills and it just made me worse. I was just stuck in a corner. I didn’t know what to do at first. That’s kind of where I feltlike I had to do something.

Dr. Starkey: So literally, not only did it not help the pain as you mentioned, but it made you feel sicker than you already were.

Greg: Yeah, because it made me really nauseous. For some reason they made me go pale and I’d start to sweat and shake and it was almost like I had a real negative reaction to the pills and the shaking made the pain brutal.

I hate to say this because it’s embarrassing a little bit, but I felt like putting a bullet in my head because it was going on for, it wasn’t like it was going on for like a day or two, this was going on for months and months and months throughout the years of my life and it was just crushing me both on a physical level and an emotional and spiritual level. It was extremely hard.

Dr. Starkey: Wow! For months. I can’t even imagine. I listen to these individuals that are dealing with a pain that they’ve neglected or that they’ve overlooked and then of course they started, but this came on and then it got worse. I’m so grateful Greg that you took matters into your own hands and you didn’t fulfill that feeling that was inside of you at that time.

Because of what you have to offer now, that this story I think is amazing. And this is what taking this health journey or this life journey to a whole other level, to share what you did Greg.

Greg: Yeah, I was on the couch in extreme pain and I was just sitting there and I just wanted to watch TV and I went to reach for are mote, I couldn't even lift up the remote and turn on the television, that’s how bad my joints, my wrist, my fingers, my back, my neck, my shoulder.

Everything hurt so bad and I just started crying, man. I’m crying because I was like “I can’t live like this, what am I supposed to do?”. And of course sometimes at our lowest points that’s when we pray. And I prayed a lot by the way. That wasn’t the only time but that was the time that stuck out in my mind because at that point I felt I’m ready to do anything.

Dr Starkey: Right.

Greg: I’m willing to do anything, even the things I don’t like. And so I prayed with all my heart and all my soul and I prayed to a higher power and said “Look, if you can guide me and show me the way I promise that if I find a way to heal myself I promise I’ll share it with others”. Because I know if you can heal this you can heal anything because the doctors had no clue what was going on. I started reading a lot. A lot of medical literature, some of the latest science and medicine. I also started thinking for myself about how the human body works.

Dr. Starkey: Sure. And of course, at this time if your life you’d spent a lot of time, you spent 20 years in the medical field so the information that you were privy to wasn’t something new to you, but you were just looking at it from a different perspective because this was dealing with your personal health, right?

Greg: Absolutely. I was definitely looking at it from a different perspective than the medical field views things.

Dr. Starkey: What I find interesting, and this is what brought us together Greg is that knowledge brought you to clean water. Of course taking it right to clean water I think is the basis to everything in our life right now, right?

Greg: That’s where it all begins for me.  You gotta start with clean water. I have a whole protocol and clean water is definitely one of them on the list.

Dr. Starkey: And again, you don’t have to go extreme detail but I love one of these pieces of that clean water that brought you to us as far as using our products, the Trace Minerals. Could you share that with us?

Greg: Everybody and their mother seem to have a different opinion as far as what the best water is to drink. And this caused a lot of confusion for me. And after trying to listen to these different people’s opinions I thought, “You know what? Forget it. I’m going to think for myself. ”What did I want in my water and the first thing I thought was I just want it to be clean.

People are like alkaline water, no it this type of water, spring water.  I just want clean water. So when I researched how to clean the water, and I have a lot of faith in creation so I believe that some higher power created the earth and if you look at the earth it’s so marvelous to the point that we still don’t know everything here. I mean we still haven’t even identified all the bacteria in our gut. There’s so much that we don’t know about creation, so we observe, we study, we do science.

So when I started looking at every different modality of filtering water, and I know every single modality there is, and what it does and does not filter. What I’ve found is when I observe nature, I think well how does nature do it?

Dr. Starkey: Right.

Greg: That’s when I really discovered it.

Dr. Starkey: That’s not a joke. I want all of our listeners to know if there’s anything you want Greg to tell you about different types of water filters, he is the man. Feel free to ask some questions but he’s done his homework and I find it very fascinating as to what he ended up with.

Greg: What I ended up with was that planet earth is what taught me. I looked at the earth and I thought how does the earth… for those who aren’t spiritual or believe there is a higher power that created the heavens of the earth. How was it designed for earth to clean water? Ironically, it all starts with hydrogen because it starts with the sun and the sun is primarily made of hydrogen.

It hits the ocean, and then the steam begins to rise and as it ascends it literally leaves all the impurities behind. And what I also discovered is that rain and snow is distilled water. There’s all these interesting verses even in ancient scriptures about the purity of snow. Then I began to look into distillation and I realized that through what I call a carbon distiller you can clean the water to the highest level.

The only issue with it was that there was no minerals and that’s how I found ConcenTrace minerals and I’m like this is easy all I gotta do is clean the water and then put the minerals that the body clearly needs because another aspect of science is we know the deficiencies in the body lead to disease.

One example of this is that being deficient in vitamin C leads to scurvy.  You can totally fix this with vitamin C. I believe that the body needs all those building blocks that were put in there by the designer of the body. And that’s how the whole thing started with the water and the minerals and hydrogen also.

Dr. Starkey: And then of course the rest is going to begin from there, Greg. I think that what I find the most fascinating is that we come from part of the same cloth, right? When we started talking, we started comparing information and notes and our beliefs and how the body’s electric and of course how these minerals and hydrogen work together to balance and conduct and making it cost effective.

That’s something that I love about Greg is the fact that because of what he’s done, some of the promises he made himself, and that higher power is what literally brought this podcast to fruition in the fact he’s willing to share what he’s discovered about his health and I can’t wait for Greg to move forward with this and have our listeners understand what it is that you’re ultimately an expert on and that’s on hydrogen. Up until our next episode Greg, share with us where they can reach out, ask any questions, or find you in the media

Greg: If people really want to learn more about me and my message, I give it all away for free, I don’t charge subscriptions or anything. You can go to YouTube and type in Uprising144k.  Rising like the water rises and you know ascend. And then 144k which stands for the 144,000 that is written about in ancient scripture.  All together you just type that in and you can find me on YouTube where you will find my videos.

I am technically on Twitter and I tweet once in a while but I don’t do a lot of that. To be honest, I’m not a very big social media or even a very big technology guy but I made my promise and that’s why I opened up my YouTube channel and I educate on there and share all the data and information for free. You can subscribe and it helps anyone who wants support this also because I greatly appreciate to get the word out and share the video. Subscribe cause its free. Give it a thumbs up and all that stuff really helps.

Dr. Starkey: Fantastic! I hope very shortly Greg that we get to have the opportunity to share again the next stage of this journey because I know that at this point I want to end it with an opportunity to those to listen again. Greg, are you in any pain today?

Greg: No. Definitely not.

Dr. Starkey: No pain. We went from a class 10 pain to no pain today and I can’t wait to have Greg back so that he can explain to us the rest of his journey and how it’s not just the one element, it’s a process. And I going to hopefully present this in a way that Greg will be able to share with us some of those changes that can be made in our health and our wellbeing to experience, especially those that are dealing with some pain.

Greg, until next time thank you so much for your time. Thankyou for your willingness to share with us this amazing journey that you’ve been on and we look forward to the next.

Thanks for listening in. If you have any topics you want covered let us know on our Instagram page @tracemineralsresearch. We’ll see you back here next week on Trace Your Day.

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