How To Take Trace Minerals Daily

How To Take Trace Minerals Daily - Trace Minerals


Dr. Starkey: Hi, this is Dr. Starkey. Welcome back to Trace Your Day.

This week I’m going to be addressing a couple of frequently asked questions when taking the trace minerals. And that is, why should I take them? How should I take them? What’s the best way to take them? And how long should I be on them? We have quite a bit to cover.

The first question: Why should I take the trace minerals?

I think that again, I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but I’ve mentioned it in our past podcasts that we’re only as healthy as our soil if fertile. If we’re not paying attention to the foods that we’re consuming, or even the supplements that we’re taking, oftentimes these trace minerals are left out.

Now, yes, we might be taking a multivitamin but if you look at the ingredients on our multi’s, sure we’ll see the vitamins and the macro minerals but we’re only seeing a handful of the trace minerals.  That’s why it’s so important that we put that foundation back into our diets and to our supplementation.

This is a great product that we can supplement with any vitamin program that you’re already on. I like to look to it when the question is asked how should I take them? Well, I think that’s a great question. Typically, as supplement takers, we take everything at breakfast and yet we lose about 2 ½ up to 3 cups of body fluids a day just by living and breathing.

It’s important we look to these trace minerals the way I like to look to them, as a part of our food groups. Meaning, I like to take them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s where we would normally get them. We would be getting them from our raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains and legumes and even from our protein. We should be getting it from our water as well.

Again, I like to space it out because we don’t eat just one meal a day, so why would we be taking our supplements just at one point in the day when we breathe all day long, we perspire all day long, we urinate multiple times, we defecate multiple times, or should be. This is why it’s so important we put this emphasis in putting it in at mealtimes so that we put that balance back in the way the food should be offering us this in the first place.

And then of course, what’s the best way to take minerals? This is a great question because oftentimes a taste is involved. These trace minerals do not taste good. There are no additives, no preservatives, no sweeteners. Now yes, we do have the liquid ConcenTrace with a flavored ConcenTrace, that’s what it’s called. We have flavored it with a lemon lime type taste. We also have them in gummies that taste good. We now have them in a capsule so that they don’t have a taste.

But for those who prefer the liquid, to me personally, I recommend putting it into water. Making sure our water is balanced. But at the same time if you have that finicky loved one who has extremely sensitive taste buds by all means you can mix this into juices, into protein shakes, into smoothies, into soups and teas. I love disguising it, especially from our mothers who are trying to disguise it for their children or for an aging parent. They should never taste it.

We’ve heard the concept over and over, an apple a day that kept the doctor away. It wasn’t what the apple tastes like it’s what the apple once offered and I think that’s absolutely applicable here – that we can put this back in a smoothie, a protein shake, or a glass of juice and they’ll never know it’s there and that’s the best way to disguise the taste of it.

Now, when it comes to how long should I take them? Me personally, I like to state it this way: until the powers that be in this nation start focusing on soil building as a part of our human building and wellbeing.

How long should we be on these minerals? That’s why it’s called supplementing in the fact that because our soil, I can share with you some information that there was a senate document 264. I’ve referenced it a couple of weeks ago. It was given back in 1936 by Dr Charles Northern who estimated that 99% of the American population were deficient in these minerals due to agricultural farming techniques.

Here we are almost 86 years ago, where are we today? Where are our soils? I think that anybody that grows their own garden knows how intense it is to take care of the soil if you do it naturally. By all means, do your homework. Educate yourself on what you’re supplementing with by adding these trace minerals to that.

We can put that foundation, and remember, these trace minerals help the activation, regulation, and assimilation of our other nutrients. Even though you might have a multivitamin that you enjoy or trust, and by all means don’t change, but you can add these minerals to that supplement.

If you’re taking fatty acids or amino acids, remember these trace minerals do not take the place of our other nutrients. But by putting that foundation in, and I think it’s important to state again, these minerals are the foundation to our entire health. By emphasizing putting them back in on a consistent daily basis I don’t think there’s ever a time that we should stop adding these trace mineral supplements to our diet.

Thanks for listening in. If you have any topics you want covered, let us know on our Instagram page @tracemineralsresearch. We’ll see you back here next week on Trace Your Day.

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