Trace Minerals' New SPINS Report Shows Continued Growth, Top Positions In Natural Products Industry

Trace Minerals' New SPINS Report Shows Continued Growth, Top Positions In Natural Products Industry - Trace Minerals

OGDEN, UTAH — Trace Minerals, the leading provider of trace mineral based supplements for almost 50 years, is proud to announce that it is still America’s number one selling trace mineral and liquid magnesium brand according to data collected by SPINS®, an information research and consulting company who specializes in the natural products industry in the US market.

The data collected by SPINS in natural products supermarkets across the United States shows that from July 2019 to July 2020, Trace Minerals posted almost 4% growth in sales and 5% growth in units sold from last year while the next three competitors under Trace posted negative growth. Trace’s flagship product—ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops—posted 3% growth in sales in the 8 ounce size and is still the number one selling trace mineral supplement in the nation, a position it’s maintained since SPINS® first reported such data to Trace in 2010. Some other highlights in the category include Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak Acai and Lemon Lime flavors grew 45% and 12%, respectively, and ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Gummies grew a whopping 163%, jumping to the number seven best seller in the category.

As one of the leading suppliers of magnesium supplements in the liquid magnesium category, Trace still maintains its position as America’s number one selling liquid magnesium brand with 50% of the market share. Trace’s liquid magnesium supplement Mega Mag also maintains its position as the top-selling liquid magnesium supplement in the category with 34% of the market share.

“It’s been a couple of years since we asked SPINS® for an updated report,” said Matt Kilts, Managing Partner of Trace Minerals. “We’re always really excited when we receive these third-party reports because it gives us a true representation of how our brand is performing in the US market and how much we’ve grown in each respective category. It also helps us stay on top of trends in the industry, which helps us formulate and develop innovative and effective products for the end consumer. Plus, when retailers and consumers know from third-party data that we are still America’s number one brand for trace minerals and liquid magnesium products, it gives them trust in our brand and in our products.”

About SPINS® —Since 1997, SPINS® has provided quantifiable information on Natural Product Industry sales across retail channels and on consumer and market dynamics underlying the industry's rapid growth to $137B market.

About Trace Minerals—Trace Minerals ( is the ionic mineral supplement brand you’ve known and trusted for almost 50 years and is America’s number one selling trace mineral, liquid magnesium, and performance nutrition brand according to SPINS®. TMR is the exclusive provider of ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops, an ionic, solar evaporated, GRAS-affirmed, food-grade, Kosher, Halal, and Non-GMO Project Verified essential trace mineral complex for food, beverage, and dietary supplement use. ConcenTrace® is also the number one selling trace mineral in the natural products industry according to SPINS®. Trace Minerals uses these naturally balanced, naturally-occurring minerals as the basis for all products in its branded product line. Extensive research supports the need to keep minerals in proper balance throughout the body to achieve optimal health and wellness. Trace Minerals is focused solely on servicing the natural products industry and the company’s complete line of superior quality nutritional supplements is backed by a “Feel the Difference or Your Money Back” guarantee. In addition, Trace Minerals is Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified by the Natural Products Association™ (NPA) ( and UL® Registrar LLC ( partnership under the new Food and Drug Administration’s final cGMP rule [21 CFR 111] for dietary supplements and has been GMP certified since 2004.

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