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ConcenTrace for Pets - Trace Minerals

Hi, this is Dr. Starkey. Welcome back to Trace Your Day.

This week I’d like to spend a little bit of time on a frequently asked question and that is “Can I give these trace minerals to my pets?” And the answer to that is absolutely.

I think that it’s just as important for our pets as it is for us. They suffer from the same deficiencies that we do.

If it’s not in their food, it’s not in their body. If it’s not in their body, they have deficiency issues just like we do. These minerals play such an important vital role from their foundational health from physiological roles to proper body functions, optimizing health and growth and reproductive performance as well as their immune systems.

I think it’s so vital that we take care of ourselves, and we see the response with our own wellbeing. As we give it to our pets, I think it’s important to focus on their wellbeing and how they respond too. It’s oftentimes said that a dog ages 7 times faster than humans and I think they heal 7 times faster as well.

I had an experience within my own family. My father bought a silver lab for himself when he retired and one day our dogs got into a little brawl and my dog split my father’s puppy’s ear in half and it wasn’t pretty. Of course, ears bleed quite profusely, and it looked like he didn’t have any blood left when we finally got to him.

What I find also interesting that when we rushed him to the vet, the vet responded that they don’t work with ears, they’re just cartilage and because there was a blood supply, we had her staple it and we started to apply the minerals, not only internally but also topically. What I found extremely interesting is that within about 8 weeks you physically couldn’t tell that that ear had been bitten almost in half. The hair growth was amazing too. You physically couldn’t see a scar of any type.  

The reason why my own father takes the trace minerals on a daily basis isn’t because of what his son knows, but it’s because he looks at his dog every day and that reminds him that if these minerals are that good for his dog what are they going to be doing for himself.

I think oftentimes our pets can teach us marvelous things about our own wellbeing. As we optimize their balance and wellbeing with these minerals it can remind us to do the same for ourselves. I love to err on theside of caution when starting these trace minerals because just like with ourselves if we take too much of it its going to loosen their bowels and the last thing we want is for our consumers to get upset that when they start the minerals too quickly, they soil the carpet.

So, I like to recommend that you start very slow with the minerals. 1 drop for every 5 pounds of body weight. And as you do that you can of course maintain that consistency and increase at that same dosage as you work up slowly and listen and watch your dog’s response.

And when I say listen and watch, whether that be the vitality, whether it be the shine of their coats, their personality, their energy levels - it’s amazing.

When it comes to these minerals, I think they’re just as important for our pets’ health as they are for our health. So, for those who love their pets and treat them, sometimes we treat our pets better than ourselves, but at the same time, pay very close attention.

I think that as you see that response, I hope that it encourages our pet lovers to take better care of themselves with the same product. I hope this information helps. Thanks for listening in.

If you have any topics you want covered, Let us know on our Instagram page @tracemineralsresearch. We’ll see you back here next week on Trace Your Day.

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