The salt that we use in Trace products is completely unique and very different
from the table salt you probably keep in your pantry. Ours is a rich and pure
form of sea salt that comes from deposits created in the ancient sea that once
covered most of North America. We harvest this salt from our own ponds fed by
the Great Salt Lake in Utah, and we process it ourselves, maintaining control
over every step of the production.

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How Coconut Water Plays a Vital Role in Hydration

How Coconut Water Plays a Vital Role in Hydration

At Trace, we put a huge amount of faith into the power of nature. Like with the trace minerals we source from deposits formed by ancient oceans, it’s just not possible to produce these unique balan...



Smith Jacobs

Love these!

These are awesome products, and I can't live without them. A separate review mentioned they taste bad for children. To be clear, these are not sugary sports drinks like Gatorade, and if that is the baseline for most people.

Reed P.

Excellent Electrolytes!!

For those of you that are sick of electrolyte drinks being filled with too much junk you don't want, and not enough of the stuff you do, this is the ticket! This is on par with the better ones I've found, but at a slightly cheaper price tag.

Kelli Lewton

Game changer!

I am beyond obsessed with the zerolyte watermelon flavored trace mineral packets!!!! It is the perfect hydration composition, I have tried so many others and this is my forever go to! I purchase a few boxes at a time so if there out of stock for a period I am not!!!!