Your 2023 Gift Guide to Better Health

Your 2023 Gift Guide to Better Health - Trace Minerals

As the holiday jingles start to play and the festive cheer envelops us, we’re reminded that the best gifts are those that nurture health and vitality. This guide is perfectly timed for the holiday season and meticulously tailored to enrich the lives of your loved ones.

For the Health-Conscious Mom, our bundles include a touch of self-care to enhance her resilience; for the High-Performance athlete, a boost towards new achievements; for the Recreational Enthusiast, a celebration of adventure; and for the 50+ and Fit, an honor to their zestful spirit.

This holiday, let’s gift well-being to script a narrative of resilience and joy. This guide is not just a catalogue of products, but a collection of pathways to a stronger, more vibrant life for those who mean the most. So as the season of giving unfolds, let your gifts weave a story of a healthier, happier future, wrapping better health with a bow of love and care.



Best Gifts for the Health-Conscious Mom

Best Gifts for the Health-Conscious Mom

For the moms out there who lace up their sneakers before sunrise and know the power of a well-balanced vitamin and mineral regimen, this bundle is for you. We’ve handpicked each product with your dynamic lifestyle and well-being in mind, recognizing that the right minerals and supplements can be just as essential as that morning jog or yoga session. These aren’t just supplements; they’re tools to help you maintain the incredible energy you bring to every day.

Ashwagandha Gummies

According to research, Ashwagandha helps support the body’s response to the many stresses of life as well as supporting strength and endurance.  It has also been known to support a calm mood, memory, stress, sleep, and immunity.

Magnesium Powder

Moms, meet Stress-X Magnesium Powder – your natural solution to the daily whirlwind. This supplement is designed with your multifaceted life in mind, offering a serene escape. It's more than just a magnesium supplement; it's a beacon of calm in chaos, helping you stay relaxed and at ease. It not only soothes your busy mind but also aids in unwinding your muscles, promoting restful sleep. Embrace this ally in your quest for balance and wellness, ensuring your body and mind stay harmoniously aligned.

Gut Health

For the mom who anchors her family’s health, Liquid Gut Health is the support you deserve. Infused with soil-derived minerals, it’s a daily supplement to nourish the gut, defend against toxins, and support overall vitality. It simplifies wellness, potentially aiding digestion, boosting immunity, enhancing mental clarity, and energizing metabolism. Gut Health is a true ally for your busy life.

Bundle & Save with our Health-Conscious Mom Bundle.


Best Gifts for the High-Performance Athlete

Best Gifts for the High-Performance Athlete

For the athlete who pushes limits and sets benchmarks, this curated selection is your organic pit stop for peak performance and recovery. It’s tailored for those who understand that what fuels the body must be as natural and untainted as their determination. Every product in this exclusive collection meets the high standards of champions who, even in the relentless pursuit of greatness, make no compromises on health. It’s not just about crossing the finish line; it’s about mastering the art of sustainable excellence.

40,000 Volts

For the elite athlete, 40,000 Volts Electrolyte Drops is your quick fix to peak hydration. Just a few drops turns any drink into an electrolyte-replenishing sports beverage. It’s designed to prevent muscle cramps and maintain high-intensity performance – because your body deserves the best support as you push the limits.

Hydration I.V.

Hydration I.V. offers high-performance athletes a superior hydration solution. With 20 times the hydration power of water, it replenishes electrolytes quickly, ensuring fast recovery. This efficient formula has triple the electrolytes of regular sports drinks, but only a third of the sugar and carbs, plus half the calories. It's not just about hydration, it's about optimal performance and recovery, enhanced with five essential vitamins.

Electrolyte Stamina Gummies

For the dedicated athlete, Electrolyte Stamina Gummies are a delicious way to recharge mid-action. Packed with 263mg of electrolytes per serving, they swiftly replenish what you lose in sweat, boosting energy, endurance, and muscle power to keep you at peak performance.

Bundle & Save with our High-Performance Athlete Bundle.


Best Gifts for the Recreational Enthusiast

Best Gifts for the Recreational Enthusiast

For the adventurer whose playground is the vast expanse of the great outdoors, this collection is your compass to organic well-being. Each product is selected with the recreational enthusiast in mind – those who seek the purity of nature in their pursuits and their health. Here, find your essentials crafted by the earth for the body that revels in every breath of fresh air and every step on the untamed trail. It’s not just about thriving under the open sky; it’s about embracing wellness that’s as organic as your adventures.

Power Pak

For the adventurer at heart, boost your hydration with a naturally flavored effervescent drink loaded with electrolytes, 1,200 mg of Vitamin C, and immunity-supporting minerals. It’s not just hydration—it’s a burst of energy and defense for your active lifestyle, keeping you energized and protected as you embrace the great outdoors.

ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops

ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops offer a vitality boost for outdoor enthusiasts. Sourced from the earth, these drops replenish vital nutrients, enhancing energy, metabolism, and mood. They support joint, bone, and dental health, reduce food cravings, restore electrolytes, and alleviate muscle cramps. Ideal for those who love the great outdoors, ConcenTrace® enhances overall health, focus, and sleep.

Magnesium Gummies

Magnesium Gummies are a game-changer. They're a tasty solution for maintaining calm focus and muscle relaxation, essential for both mental and physical well-being. These gummies also support consistent energy levels, promote a positive mood, and encourage quality sleep - crucial for anyone leading an active lifestyle. Considering up to 80% of Americans may be magnesium deficient, especially during high-stress or physically demanding periods, these gummies are an ideal way to replenish this vital mineral.

Bundle & Save with our Recreational Enthusiast Bundle


Best Gifts for 50+ and Fit

Best Gifts for 50+ and Fit

For those who have crossed the 50 year mark with a youthful spirit still burning strong, this collection is your testament to a lifetime’s dedication to health and well-being. It’s handpicked for the seasoned life-enthusiast who wears their years with pride and continues to greet each day with zest. Each product in this collection is an ally in your ongoing journey, celebrating the wisdom of age while nurturing the vitality that keeps you forever young at heart. Because for you, well-being isn’t a phase; it’s a lifelong romance with life itself.

ActivJoint Platinum

For those seasoned in life yet youthful in spirit, ActivJoint Platinum™ is your ally in embracing every moment with vigor. Crafted with the finest calcium, choice herbs, enzymes, and a treasure trove of 72+ Ionic Trace Minerals, it's designed to keep your joints, bones, and ligaments as agile as your aspirations. Whether it's a morning jog or a dance under the stars, this blend ensures your mobility matches the timeless energy within you.

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Liquid

For the seasoned life enthusiasts who carry the wisdom of the years but move with the ease of youth, our Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM blend is a testament to your enduring zest. This formula is precision-crafted to nourish and maintain the smooth mobility of your knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, ankles, and hips. With its rapid absorption, it acts swiftly, just like your decision to take that spontaneous hike or join a new dance class. Supercharged with a full spectrum of concentrated ionic trace minerals, it’s not just a supplement—it’s a celebration of your unwavering commitment to a life well-lived and a body well-loved.

No! Muscle Cramps

Energize your golden years and fend off those pesky muscle cramps with NO! Muscle Cramps. It's a straightforward blend of vital electrolytes, magnesium, and potassium—minus sugar, caffeine, or any stimulants. Ideal for a keto lifestyle, it hydrates your muscles efficiently to help prevent those disruptive night cramps and keep you well-balanced and ready for life's adventures.

Bundle & Save with our 50+ & Fit Bundle.



As we wrap up our 2023 Gift Guide to Better Health, it's clear that the spirit of the season is truly about giving gifts that matter—gifts that nurture and support the well-being of those we love. From the health-conscious moms to the high-performance athletes, the recreational enthusiasts, and those gracefully embracing their 50s and beyond, this guide provides thoughtful and meaningful options to suit their unique lifestyles and aspirations.

We've handpicked items that aren't just products but are catalysts for health and happiness. These are the gifts that keep on giving, supporting your loved ones' daily wellness, and empowering them to reach new heights in their health journey.

In this holiday season, let's choose to give the gift of health – the one present that truly keeps on giving, paving the way for a future filled with strength, vitality, and joy. Here's to finding the perfect gesture that says, "I care about you and your journey to better health." After all, isn't that what the holidays are really about?

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