Hand Sanitizer

8 oz. $10.99, 16 oz. $16.99

Our Hand Sanitizer is a great way to reduce harmful bacteriaon the skin that can cause disease. It is Cucumber Melon scented and alsocontains Colloidal Silver and Ionic Trace Minerals which, can help supporthealthier skin. Just like our other TMskincare products, our HandSanitizer is made with clean and natural ingredients to help keep your familyclean, safe, and healthy. You can rest assured that our Hand Sanitizer is madewith the same quality standards you’ve grow to expect from Trace Minerals foralmost 50 years.

  • Advanced Formula Contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol
  • Includes Colloidal Silver for Smooth, Glowing Skin
  • Sea Minerals Leave the Hands Feeling Soft and Moisturized
  • Refreshing Cucumber Melon Scent


Water, glycerin, hydroxypropyl cellulose, cetyl lactate, natural fragrance, ionic trace minerals, colloidal silver.

Allergen Info

Suggested Use:

Place enough product in your palm to thoroughly cover your hands and rub hands together until dry. Children under 6 years of age should be supervised when using this product.

Feel the difference or your money back. Guaranteed!
Rated America's #1 Trace Mineral Brand.
3rd party tested to give you the highest quality products.
We use the best manufacturing practices to keep you safe.
‡ Source: SPINSscan Natural Channel 52 weeks ending 7/12/2020.
†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information provided by this website is not a substitute for individual medical advice.

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