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Ogden, Utah, November 20, 2008—Trace Minerals Research, a leading provider of mineral-based supplements for nearly 40 years, is now offering a new and improved formula of Electrolyte Stamina Tablets, an electrolyte replacement supplement designed for individuals that expend large amounts of electrolytes during strenuous activities. Electrolyte Stamina Tablets now contains P-5-P and L-Taurine, two important ingredients for electrolyte replacement.
“Electrolyte Stamina Tablets has been one of our most solid products and has been a best-seller for years,” said Scott Perkes, Managing Partner of TMR. “But we looked at the formula and realized that adding these new ingredients would make it better and even more effective for electrolyte replacement.”
P-5-P is an active, bioavailable form of vitamin B6 so it can get right to work in the body upon digestive uptake into the bloodstream. It has many benefits in the body, ranging from the support of protein metabolism and muscle growth to the treatment of premenstrual symptoms and depression by encouraging the production of ‘feel-good’ chemicals—such as serotonin and dopamine—in the brain that help maintain emotional balance.
L-Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid stored in the muscles and central nervous system of the body. It is a potent antioxidant and has been shown in clinical trials to promote cardiovascular health and maintain lipid levels that are already within a healthy range.
Together, P-5-P and L-taurine work synergistically to help magnesium reach the cells which helps to assimilate and facilitate electrolyte saturation, decreasing the risk of muscle cramping, a nemesis for the performance athlete.
From the beginning, Electrolyte Stamina Tablets has contained important electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and chloride.  It also includes a significant dose of TMR’s flagship product ConcenTrace® ionic trace minerals, a proprietary ionic complex containing more than 70 essential trace minerals extracted from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. The new and improved formula will not be sold separately from the current formula, but it will replace the current formula. Electrolyte Stamina Tablets is available at natural and health food stores for a suggested retail price of $17.15 for a 90-tablet bottle and $36.39 for a 300-tablet bottle.
Trace Minerals Research (, founded in 1969, is the original marketer and distributor of essential minerals harvested from Utah’s Great Salt Lake for supplement use. Today, the company uses these naturally balanced, naturally occurring minerals as the basis for all products in its brand product line.  Extensive research supports the need to keep minerals in proper balance throughout the body in order to achieve optimal health. Trace Minerals Research is focused solely on servicing the natural products industry, and the company’s complete line of superior quality nutritional supplements is backed by a “Feel the Difference or Your Money Back” guarantee.

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