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TMR also reports on new additions to mineral harvesting facility

OGDEN, UTAH, June 3, 2011—As the Utah weather begins to warm up, so does the mineral harvesting season for Trace Minerals Research (TMR). TMR (DBA Earth’s Elements, Promontory Point, Utah) officially announced today that it has commenced its harvesting season at its mineral harvesting facility, which is located on the shores of the Great Salt Lake (GSL).

As previously mentioned on TMR’s website, TMR’s harvesting season begins in May and ends in October. During those months, TMR is able to make several batches of ConcenTrace®, its premier concentrated trace mineral product from the GSL. In fact, during periods of extreme summer heat, several batches of ConcenTrace® can be harvested in matter of just three to five weeks. This is due to ConcenFlo®, our proprietary harvesting process that was developed by our very own David Butts, Certified Chemical Engineer and one of the original inventors and founders of the process of concentrating mineral brine from the GSL over 45 years ago.

ConcenFlo® is a complicated scientific process that requires specific knowledge of crystals that are formed during the evaporation process, weather patterns, and the sequential flow of brine. It also involves extensive testing to ensure the water that is being harvested is of the highest standards and concentration. ConcenFlo® allows TMR to make ConcenTrace® efficiently and in a fraction of the time it may take others to produce concentrated mineral brines from the GSL. In addition, ConcenFlo® is a completely natural process that utilizes no chemicals, dyes or any other unnatural process. The only energy used during the process is the heat of the summer sun to concentrate the brine until it meets TMR’s standards.

Though TMR’s pristine and secluded location of its mineral harvesting ponds are only 500 feet from the lake’s shore, TMR does not use the water from the nearby harbor to fill the harvesting ponds. The brine from the harbor was initially used to condition the ponds, but after additional testing of 13 different sites within their water rights and right of entry with the State of Utah, TMR has chosen a site which is 3500 feet from the harvesting ponds that provides more concentrated brine for use during this year’s harvesting season.

However, TMR does not trench the lake’s bed to extract mineral brine because doing so would disrupt the lake’s delicate ecosystem. TMR anticipates finished batches of ConcenTrace® to be extracted mid-summer.  Subsequent batches will be extracted weekly until the end of October, assuming favorable weather conditions.

TMR’s mineral harvesting year got off to a slower start than in years past because of the amount of rain and snow received in Utah during the spring months. Spring 2011 in Utah has been very wet with record rainfall in many areas around the state.  Consequently, the GSL has risen several feet in the past month from all the runoff from the nearby mountains. As a result, TMR held off filling all of its harvesting ponds with brine by three weeks during the month of May. TMR is now just beginning to prepare the ponds so it can start filling them with fresh brine next week.

As TMR has been anxiously waiting for better weather in May, it has been very busy making more improvements to its new harvesting facility.

New Lab and Maintenance Building
Ground had been broken for a new lab and maintenance building on location at TMR’s harvesting facility. In fact, foundation footings and a cement floor have already been completed and framing is currently underway. The new building is scheduled to be completed in the next two to three weeks. It will allow TMR to have an on-site lab and to store valuable equipment required in the ConcenFlo® process.

Solar Energy
TMR has added more solar energy panels to its facility. These panels (pictured) will be attached to the new building. TMR cares deeply about its carbon footprint and is very cautious to recycle any waste or unused materials whenever possible. In fact, TMR recently notified an adjacent property owner of scrap metal that could be recycled and volunteered to have TMR staff collect and recycle these items. Proceeds from the recycled metal were given back to the property owner.

As previously mentioned, extensive testing has been going on over the past few months to choose TMR’s 13 different extraction points. As seen in the picture, David Butts is at TMR’s in-house laboratory testing concentrated brine from the Great Salt Lake. Providing the best concentrated brine may be an extensive and expensive process, but it provides the best quality product, which is paramount to TMR.

Enhanced Security
TMR recently added several additional security video cameras that are motion sensitive and have night vision. This allows even better surveillance of the facility and records 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These cameras not only give every angle to the facility, they also capture images hundreds of yards around the facility, including TMR’s extraction points. These images are instant and reviewed by staff members.

Heavy Duty Lining System
TMR invested tens of thousands of dollars to purchase heavy duty liners for the harvesting ponds to increase the efficiency of its ConcenFlo® process. These liners increase efficiency by preventing seepage and increasing brine control and crystallization. This allows TMR to use less lake brine, thereby protecting and preserving a precious resource that is the Great Salt Lake.

Open invitation
TMR is proud of its state-of-the-art mineral harvesting facility and invites all current customers to Utah to take a tour during its open season, which closes in October. Those who have visited TMR’s facility are taken back by the beauty and isolation of the facility as well as its cleanliness and order. They leave with a new appreciation for ConcenTrace® and are amazed at what is required to make the number one selling trace mineral supplement in America.

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