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Ogden, Utah—With the baby boomer generation now more aware of the need for bone support supplementation, Trace Minerals Research introduces a new value-sized Liquid Cal/Mag/Zinc in a 32 ounce bottle to meet the rising need and demand.

“Stores were calling us complaining they couldn’t keep our 16 ounce size on the shelf because they had consumers buying three and four at a time,” said Managing Partner Matt Kilts. “We knew we had to act quickly and offer a larger size so we could keep the product on the shelf and in the hands of the consumer.”

Each serving of Liquid Cal/Mag/Zinc contains 1200 mg of calcium, 600 mg of magnesium, 400 I.U. of vitamin D, phosphorus and Trace Minerals Research’s token mineral complex, ConcenTrace®, which contains over 72 ionic trace minerals and elements found in sea water.

Liquid Cal/Mag/Zinc 32 ounce sells for $17.10 wholesale and $28.95 MSRP. For more information, call 800-624-7145 or visit

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