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Ogden, Utah—Trace Minerals Research recently added Liquid CoQ10 to their Liquimins™ line of liquid supplements after many retailers and consumers requested this type of delivery system not common to the market.

Many of our customers are of the baby boomer generation,” said Matt Kilts, Managing Partner of Trace Minerals Research. “They take CoQ10 to support a healthy cardiovascular system for more energy and health, but have difficulty swallowing tablets or don’t like to take tablets. This type of delivery system is precisely for them.”

The formulation includes 50 mg of Coenzyme Q10, 100 mg of Selenium and Trace Mineral Research’s token product, ConcenTrace®. ConcenTrace® contains a proprietary complex of over 72 ionic trace minerals and elements harvested from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Liquid CoQ10 supplies 24 servings per 4 oz. bottle and sells for $16.45 wholesale and $27.95 MSRP. For more information, call 800-624-7145 or visit

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