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Report also shows TMR is the fastest growing liquid magnesium brand

OGDEN, UTAH, Sept. 9, 2015—Trace Minerals Research (TMR), a leading provider of trace mineral based supplements for over 40 years, continues to be the nation’s number one selling trace mineral brand in the trace mineral category, the number one selling liquid magnesium brand in the liquid magnesium category, and the fastest growing liquid magnesium brand in the natural products channel according to research data compiled by SPINS, an information research and consulting company who specializes in the natural products industry in the US market.

The data collected by SPINS in natural products supermarkets across the United States shows that from July 2014 to July 2015, TMR branded products in the trace mineral category increased by 17 percent. But what made TMR owners most excited was the 87 percent increase in sales in the liquid magnesium category, making TMR the fastest growing liquid magnesium brand in the industry.

“This was the most exciting SPINS report we’ve received since we started getting them back in 2010,” said Matt Kilts, Managing Partner of TMR. “The first report we ever received proved that we were the number one trace mineral brand in America. Last year’s report proved that we were also the number one selling liquid magnesium brand. This year’s report shows that our sales and market share continue to increase, with an especially steep increase in the liquid magnesium category. This means that we are making a difference in people’s health and they are feeling that difference. That’s what makes it all worth it and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

The stars of the SPINS data include Mega-Mag and Ionic Magnesium in the liquid magnesium category and Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak Non-GMO Mixed Berry flavor and Ionic Fulvic Acid in the trace mineral category. Mega-Mag – the number one selling liquid magnesium product in the report – recorded a whopping 122 percent increase in total sales while Ionic Magnesium posted a 48 percent increase. The top performers of TMR products across the board were Non-GMO Mixed Berry Power Pak and Ionic Fulvic Acid, boasting an increase in total sales of 1,086 percent and 797 percent, respectively.

Additionally, TMR’s flagship product ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops8 ounce still holds the number one spot in the trace mineral category, posting an 18 percent growth over the past year. ConcenTrace® has held this position since SPINS has reported market research to TMR on its brand’s performance in the trace mineral category. ConcenTrace® is a GRAS-affirmed, Non-GMO Project Verified, naturally-balanced trace mineral complex containing over 72 naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals that is certified Kosher, Halal, and Vegan.

Besides having the number one trace mineral product, the report also shows that TMR owns eight of the top 10 and 17 of the top 20 best-selling SKU’s in the trace mineral category.

About SPINS® —Since 1995, SPINS has provided quantifiable information on Natural Product Industry sales across retail channels and on consumer and market dynamics underlying the industry’s rapid growth.

About TMR—Trace Minerals Research ( is the ionic mineral supplement brand you’ve known and trusted for over 40 years. TMR is the exclusive provider of ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops, an ionic, solar evaporated, GRAS-affirmed and food-grade, andNon-GMO Project Verified essential trace mineral complex for food, beverage and dietary supplement use. ConcenTrace® is also the number one selling trace mineral in the natural products industry. TMR uses these naturally balanced, naturally occurring minerals as the basis for all products in its branded product line. Extensive research supports the need to keep minerals in proper balance throughout the body in order to achieve optimal health. Trace Minerals Research is focused solely on servicing the natural products industry and the company’s complete line of superior quality nutritional supplements is backed by a “Feel the Difference or Your Money Back” guarantee. Inaddition, TMR is Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified by the Natural Products Association™ (NPA) ( under the new Food and Drug Administration’s final cGMP rule [21 CFR 111] for dietary supplements and has been GMP certified since 2004.

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