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As you visit our website and read the educational articles about why your body needs ionic trace minerals, mineral deficiency, mineral soil depletion, and why the Great Salt Lake (GSL) is so rich in trace minerals, you may be wondering what the process is to get a bottle of our ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops from the shores of the GSL to the shelf at your local health food store. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how we do it!

Let’s start with the location of our solar evaporation harvesting ponds. Our harvesting ponds are located on the north shores of the Great Salt Lake at a highly secluded and secure site that is surrounded by thousands of acres of private property that is only accessible by passing through locked gates. The pristine location is on the shores of the GSL and allows us to pump the lake water into our ponds with the lowest impact possible on the environment and without having to trench or disrupt the lake’s bed. Trenching the lake’s bed could do serious harm to the delicate ecosystem that exists in the GSL. As an environmentally sensitive company, we are very careful not to jeopardize or damage the delicate ecosystem of the GSL in any way. As part of the GSL’s ecosystem, it has a natural cleansing process.

The process
The process of harvesting minerals from the GSL and concentrating them at the perfect time is a four-month process and requires attention and precision. Others claim it takes upwards of two years. However, the unique design of our ponds and because our proprietary processes have become more efficient and technologically advanced, we can do it in a fraction of the time. In fact, our accelerated solar evaporation process allows us to use less lake water to yield the same amount of high quality minerals. We do it in such a short time because our proprietary evaporation process was developed and designed by our own David Butts, certified chemical engineer and one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of solar evaporation technology on the GSL and throughout the world. Mr. Butts was the founder of solar evaporation technology on the GSL and has over 40 years of experience in the design, operation, and extraction of minerals and salts from lakes, oceans, and underground deposits like the GSL. Click here to read the official letter from Mr. Butts on his overview of TMR’s solar evaporation facility.

Water is extracted from the GSL at our approved extraction point and deposited into the solar evaporation ponds in early summer by Earth’s Elements, the harvesting company that is wholly owned by the owners of TMR. The proprietary process of concentrating the minerals now begins. The process requires extensive knowledge and precise timing of late spring and summer weather conditions because this is this the optimal time for making ConcenTrace®. In fact, fall and winter months play little or no role in the concentration process. Therefore, our harvesting facility is closed and remains dormant October through April. At precisely the right moment, which depends on the temperature of a hot summer day, the size and shapes of the crystallized minerals, and even the time of day, ConcenTrace® is formed and the concentrated mineral water is triple filtered and placed in food-grade tanks for transportation to our cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. Since the mineral water is exposed to the environment for only four months during the evaporation process, it is cleaner and of higher quality. What’s most amazing about this concentration process is that it is done solely by Mother Nature! Earth’s Elements doesn’t use any dyes, chemicals, or any other man-made processes to concentrate the mineral water. All we use is the heat of Utah’s desert sun.

To ensure the highest quality and concentration, we test over 13 potential extraction points within our State-approved water rights area and approved right-of-entry from the state and determine from those tests the best site to harvest the particular batch we are seeking. Once the solar evaporation ponds are filled, Mr. Butts and our quality control staff test the water several times a week during the evaporation process to continue to ensure its quality. In addition to EPA testing, the extraction site and evaporation ponds also meet all standards and guidelines for heavy metals by the Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex) and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

Once the concentrated water reaches our cGMP facility, our quality control staff—which includes Mr. Butts—tests the product again with all of the same series of tests as before as well as additional tests to ensure we are meeting our cGMP and GRAS standards for quality and safety. Then we have the product sent to a third-party laboratory to verify our findings, which is part of our standards as a cGMP facility. We invest great deal of time and money in the testing process so we are confident we are providing you with the highest quality solar-evaporated and food-grade ionic trace mineral supplement from the GSL.

ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops is GRAS-Affirmed, Kosher certified, Halal certified, and vegan certified. In addition, ConcenTrace® and all of our product labels are randomly tested and verified to meet label claims by the Natural Products Association’s TruLabel® Program. Make sure you look for the blue bottle and the Trace Minerals Research logo so you know you’re getting America’s #1 selling trace mineral supplement!

An invitation

We invite all TMR customers to make an appointment to take a tour of our mineral harvesting facility any time between the months of May and September so we can show you firsthand our amazing facility. Click here for information on how to contact us

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