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If you want to get better results when at the gym, then you may want to take some workout supplements. The great thing about workout supplements is that they can help you to recover, and they can also ease some of the fatigue that comes with a much more intensive workout. In this guide, we’ll cover the best workout supplements, how they work and what you should be taking alongside your pre-workout supplements in order to capitalize on the benefits.

The Best Workout Supplements

It is possible for you to find an all-in-one workout supplement. Some of the best supplements will contain carbohydrates, Vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate and magnesium. If you take a supplement like this in combination with creatine or BCAAS then it’s very easy to see bigger and better results, as you are essentially fueling your body with everything it needs to build muscle. The best products for you to choose from would be Clean Post-Workout and Clean Pre-Workout by Trace Minerals. The main reason for this is because both products contain all of the essential nutrients and vitamins listed above, which are essential if you are putting your body through intense or endurance workouts.

How do Pre-Workout Supplements Work?

A lot of people ask themselves, “does pre workout work?” and this is a very good question. If you want to find the answer, then it helps to look at the science behind pre-workout supplements. Pre-workout supplements essentially act as an energy boost so you can rocket your athletic performance. They also contain ingredients such as caffeine, which helps you to push your body through more challenging workouts. When you have a pre-workout supplement before you workout, you give your body a natural boost. You can delay fatigue while increasing the anaerobic power of your body. In other words, the pick-me-up that supplements give you help to increase your stamina, your strength, and your endurance.

How do Post-Workout Supplements Work?

While you may think that the hard work is done after you have finished your workout, it’s actually not. What you do after your training can dictate how fast you are able to recover. A pre-workout supplement can give you a boost of energy to train hard and this is great. Post-workout supplements however, help you to recover and it also encourages muscle growth through protein synthesis. It replenishes the energy you might have lost, and it also reduces delayed onset soreness. There are a lot of formulas out there, but when you break them all down, you will soon find that they do contain a lot of similar ingredients. Glutamine is the most common one, as this is a building block for protein, and it helps a lot with reducing muscle soreness. Creatine and BCAAS stimulate muscle growth too.

Essential Building Blocks for Muscle

If you want to get the biggest boost to your fitness routine, then it is wise for you to supplement your diet with protein building blocks as well. It is a proven fact that a lot of people don’t eat enough protein in the day, especially when working out. If you can supplement your diet by filling in your nutritional gaps, this will help you with your gains far more than you realize. After all, sometimes you just need to work smarter not harder. Take a look below to see the top ingredients you should be looking out for, when purchasing pre-workout and post-workout products.

Best Supplements For Muscle Growth

If you want to explore some of the best workout supplements to gain muscle, then take a look below.


If you want muscle supplements that work, you have to make sure that your product contains creatine. It’s the magic pill when it comes to workout supplements, as it is a naturally occurring substance and it is also able to rocket your production of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. This aids muscle repair, and it also boosts growth when muscles are put under stress. Creatine is also able to give you an energy boost, so you can run a little bit faster, push for a few more reps or just generally do your best.


BCAAS, or branched chain amino acids don’t just help you out when you are exercising. They help you afterwards as well. BCAAS are essentially a mix of three different vitamins. This includes leucine, valine, and isoleucine. Their job is to help your muscles to repair themselves faster after you have done a hard workout, and this means that you will spend less time being sore, and more time putting in the work at the gym. Believe it or not, the benefits of BCAA actually run far deeper than this. They help muscles to repair themselves and they also curb the production of different hormones. This is a good thing, as the hormones that are blocked, are the ones that work against you. This is namely cortisol. Finding a supplement with BCAA is essential to your workout routine.


Glutamine is an amino acid, and it is actually produced naturally by your body. It is produced when your body is put in a stressful situation. Workouts can be stressful to say the least, but glutamine as a whole can help you to really maintain your muscle mass. If your glutamine levels decline during a stressful workout, you won’t be able to capitalize on the muscle-building benefits as much. For this reason, you need to make sure that you are monitoring this, as you may be putting in intense work but not getting the gains you should be. 

You may be thinking that you can change your diet to contain more glutamine rather than taking it in a supplement form. After all, glutamine can be found in everything from nuts to red meat, beans and even fish. That being said, it is not always convenient to run home and grill a steak after every workout you do. A good post-workout supplement will take the stress out for you so you can replenish your body without any unnecessary calories or fat.

Benefits Of Workout Supplements

If you want to find out more about the benefits of a pre-workout and post-workout supplement, take a look below.

Muscle Gains

The main ingredient that will benefit your muscle gains would be amino acids. Pre-workout supplements tend to contain very high levels of amino acid. They also contain concentration of branched-chain amino acids too. These will go into your muscles to aid with protein synthesis. BCAAs bypass your digestive tract, and this makes them available to your body, right when it needs it. A combination of BCAA and citrulline will give you the biggest benefit when it comes to your workout.

Strength Enhancement

Pre-workout supplements help to enhance your strength in numerous ways. Sure, it can help you to gain more muscle, but it can also fortify your metabolism too. This helps you to workout, more and it also helps you to capitalize on your controlled movements. One of the most important ingredients when it comes to your strength workouts would be creatine. If you look at creatine on a cellular level, it helps to increase various biological mechanisms, and this can help to enhance the energy in your body. Nitrate feeds your body, and it allows your body to carry way more amino acids to your muscles.

Boosting Endurance

The main way to boost your endurance would be for you to remove some of the mechanisms that lead to fatigue. Pre-workout supplements are ideal for that as they contain caffeine. The caffeine content will charge your motivation and it will also help you greatly when it comes to your endurance. This is especially the case if you are planning a very strong or intense workout.


So, there are many benefits to taking pre-workout supplements and post-workout supplements. If you have never given them any thought before and you are serious about your workout routine, then you may want to give them a go. The great thing about pre and post-workout supplements is that they contain the perfect balance of all the right vitamins and minerals. You don’t have to worry about balancing them yourself and a lot of the time they come in a very convenient form. You can take them as a powder, or a tablet, right after your workout.

If you want to get the best result out of your workouts or if you want a supplement that contains all of the above ingredients then make sure that you check out Clean Post-Workout and Clean Pre-Workout by Trace Minerals. Our products are designed to contain all of the right ingredients, without any of the junk. If you want to keep your body running like a well-oiled machine, then we are confident that we have exactly what you are looking for.

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